As shoppers, we are largely disconnected...

from where our products are made and who makes them.  As a result, shoppers today are prioritizing fast trends and cheap prices above all else and it is damaging people and our planet.  This needs to change, so here's what we're doing about it...


We connect our customers with the person who made their apparel, so it becomes more than an idea.  Knowing who made your product is now a reality.


 We invite everyone who shares this vision to get involved by purchasing individual shirts or ordering in bulk to customize for their company, brand, or cause.

Fair Wages & Education

Our work was founded on the belief that all people have hopes and dreams for their future. We started our factories in Uganda and Peru to provide meaningful employment so people could start dreaming. 

Then we found partners on the ground to help further our impact by providing additional education and social services.  We provide anti-poverty wages and we have an incredible partner who helps us go above and beyond.

Partnering in Impact

We leverage the expertise of our non-profit partner CAPABLE to provide additional program services to everyone who makes our apparel.  Learn more about how they unlock the economic potential of people living in poverty.


Working together, we will improve the lives of those involved in the apparel industry.