A New Kind of Company

Our founders got an early start in social entrepreneurship, and in many ways have helped to define what it looks like in modern business practice.  In 2007, while still in college, Travis Hartanov and Kohl Crecelius co-founded Krochet Kids intl. -- a social enterprise and lifestyle brand working to empower marginalized populations in impoverished communities around the world.  

Having 10 years of experience managing their social enterprise operations and collaborating with a litany of incredible brands (Vans, Nordstrom, Volcom, Whole Foods & more!) Travis and Kohl envisioned a new kind of company.  One that would be inclusive to all those who wanted to have social good woven into their operations, but didn’t have the knowledge or resources to do so.  They had built a brand on introducing their customers to the person who made each product by way of a signature accompanying each piece.  Now it was time to give it away.

KNOWN SUPPLY is much more than an apparel brand.  It is a movement and a platform for social good.  Our apparel is available to those who value people and want to see their stories brought back to the forefront of the conversation.  We are disheartened by what fast fashion is doing to our planet and the people who make our clothes.  We don’t like what we see, so we decided to do something about.