Verve Coffee Roasters x KNOWN SUPPLY

The Power of Ethical Sourcing

Verve Coffee Roasters understands the power of establishing intentional partnerships to empower people at every level of their supply chain.  For over a decade, the company has been pioneering direct trade relationships with their farmers and suppliers to create high quality coffees for their cafes across the globe.

Now, they are introducing this same ethos to the apparel they sell as well... 

T-shirts, sweatshirts, and headwear made by KNOWN SUPPLY are allowing Verve to deliver on their promise of ethical sourcing and a quality product.  Shop the full collection of one-of-a-kind product in-store or online today!


Organic cotton.  Fair Trade Certified. Garment dyed.


"We partnered with KNOWN SUPPLY because they have the most ethical practices paired with the highest quality of any clothing company we have seen."

- Verve Coffee


Farmlevel to Streetlevel

Learn more about Verve's approach to empowerment and great coffee through this great initiative.


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