#SELFLOVECLUB is that constant reminder to find the positive, accept ourselves and know that the mirror can be empowering! The #SELFLOVECLUB is for YOU. :) 

- Ava Michelle, Creator




From a young age Ava Michelle has found herself in the spotlight. What started with dancing, lead to TV, lead to starring in a feature film produced by Netflix. Her one-of-a-kind journey has occurred in parallel with the rise of social media, for better and for worse.

Through her own experiences and all of the competing voices that tried to validate her or tear her down, she learned one of the most important lessons and now she's here to teach the rest of us: finding ways to love our self is of utmost importance.






Why Is It Written Backwards? 

The positive message on every shirt is written backwards so that you can read it in the mirror.  Put another way, this message is for you and no one else.



Every item is...


KNOWN SUPPLY is a fair trade certified brand that introduces you to the maker of your clothing item.








Creative Director: @ava.michelle   Photographer: @gabbriette


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