Fighting Human Trafficking


Merchandise As Mission

At KNOWN SUPPLY, we believe that merchandise should be a core part of how you accomplish your mission.  Not only can it help you spread the word about your cause, it can also be a tool to reinforce the values of your work throughout an entire supply chain.

We have seen the power of clothing as a medium to further an organization's mission across all types of industries, but we wanted to highlight a powerful coalition of organizations working to end human trafficking.



From Our Blog

A Holistic Approach To Fighting Human Trafficking

In this article we dive into how ethical apparel should be at the core of the fight against human trafficking.



Ethically made clothing fights human trafficking by providing fair wages and preventing men, women & children from entering the trade in the first place.


End It Movement Day

Shine A Light On Slavery Day

Every February 13th our partner End It Movement hosts a global awareness campaign, encouraging supporters to draw a red X on their hand and share about the current reality of modern day slavery.

Millions of social media impressions are created on this day thanks to thousands of participants and celebrities getting involved.  Our custom apparel is the way they can represent this cause the other 364 days.



Further your mission through ethically made apparel...